Stainless Steel Barrels

Noveske® stainless barrels are made to fill a precision role while retaining flawless function. Retaining accuracy and reliability is a complicated balance in that the chamber needs to be slightly modified from the NATO to improve bullet hook-up in the throat, while keeping to functional properties of the NATO body dimensions. The result is the proprietary Noveske® chambering. The steel used is a type of 416r and hardened to about 30 HRC prior to any machining. These barrels are button rifled with Noveske® proprietary 7 PT button. This rifling profile differs from that in the chrome lined barrel line in that the lands have a slightly more trapezoidal shape. This design and the type of stainless used helps the lead edge of the rifling from eroding as fast as it might with conventional rifling, and the barrels tend to outlast others. For use in any precision application, we recommend the stainless barrel for its edge in accuracy and excellent reliability.